Falling In Love With You

I’m falling in love with you, because you made my heart die for just one second, and I didn’t run away. ~ 'Falling In Love With You'


I Have To

I’ve always been shit at explaining myself And i can never get my feelings across And so I’d write it down Everything I wish I could say But you wouldn’t even look You wouldn’t give it the time or day And so I’d cry myself to sleep Wishing I could delete Everything I did for... Continue Reading →


I’m sick of making every choice, fed up of all this change, all I ever hear is my own voice, it’s been so long it’s starting to sound strange. Lately nothing feels right, everything is blurred together, like wearing someone else’s glasses, and trying to see through this rainy weather. I just want to stay... Continue Reading →

– Has It Really Come To This

I'm tired, I think. I'm not sure anymore if I'm tired or slowly giving up. And I’m confused, whether I’m okay with that, or if I want to fight it. Because the truth is, I like it, I'm used to it, I find comfort in it, comfort in the darkness. And as it consumes me,... Continue Reading →

Good Parenting

You can get pregnant, and force the man to be a father, but you can’t force yourself, to not force people, into something they don’t want to be. You call words of, ‘selfish’ and ‘stubborn’, and yet if you looked in the mirror, you’d see that the words don’t sting your tongue, because your body... Continue Reading →

I Do Not Care

I do not care about You. I do not care about Your daughter. I do not care about Your brother. I do not care about the people who raised You. I do not care about the people who love You. I do not care about the man who delivers Your post. I do not care... Continue Reading →


Perhaps, as it seems I am in fact alone alone in this world alone in my room alone in my mind totally and utterly alone and you stand there with an army behind you and family roots holding you steady telling me I'm not alone when I'm trapped in the cage of my own mind... Continue Reading →

Two Weeks Ago I Accepted Death

I always thought that I’d be okay when I die, that I’d be okay with not existing once I close my eyes, that the thought of everything I’ve ever done would be gone in an instant wouldn’t scare me. But I was wrong. A couple weeks ago I came back to England after visiting family... Continue Reading →

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