how can you explain to someone the collapse of your mind when the only breakdown they know is seeing someone cry after they’ve made their feelings as worthless as the words they spoke ~ 'Breakdown'


I Will Never Change My Mind On Not Having Children, Stop Telling Me I Will

Firstly, this is a very very long article because there’s a lot to say on this matter and I wanted to make sure I had everything covered (I wish I spent this much time and effort on my essays for university). Secondly, this is a very personal subject for me and so is completely opinion... Continue Reading →

I Made Myself Forget

I made myself forget that I was ever bullied at school because I wanted to live my life without thinking it was ever bad I wanted to move on from the girl that was called names I wanted to forget about the girl with no friends I wanted to rise and soar as the girl... Continue Reading →

The Magician And The Chair

Her heart stuttered as he took the blade and with a smirk he pointed it towards her slamming it down beside her hands, she screamed as he drew the blade raising it again.   When he hurled down, flowers caressed her fingers and her scream was cut short, the blade had disappeared, along with the... Continue Reading →

Love & Sex

If I knew what love really felt like, I wouldn’t have tried to fill the void with senseless moments and futile people. I wouldn’t have let hollow monsters between my very delicate valley. Fighting for pleasure, but finding yawns. Letting people touch places I wish were untouched, or let fluids drain out of me like... Continue Reading →

I’m Going To Lose My Head

I’m going to lose my head if the world keeps up like this. One day I’m going to say ‘nope’ and just take it off and leave it somewhere buried. This planet is so beautiful and we’re all so fucking dumb. We’re ignorant, contemptuous, arrogant and uneducated about this magnificent ball we live on. We... Continue Reading →


Is this what it feels like to be pretty? to have hair long enough to play with, to feel the heaviness of fake eyelashes, to reapply lipstick every time I drink, to get blisters because of heels, and spots because of foundation, to see my ribs poking through my over tanned skin, unable to grasp... Continue Reading →

Then I Found You

If you could see what I have been through, perhaps you’d love me more. Or you’d love me less, for the things I had done and now regret. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been through hell at no fault of my own, and to lay here with you makes all of it worth it. Worth every... Continue Reading →

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