I Will Never Change My Mind On Not Having Children, Stop Telling Me I Will

Firstly, this is a very very long article because there’s a lot to say on this matter and I wanted to make sure I had everything covered (I wish I spent this much time and effort on my essays for university). Secondly, this is a very personal subject for me and so is completely opinion... Continue Reading →


I’m Going To Lose My Head

I’m going to lose my head if the world keeps up like this. One day I’m going to say ‘nope’ and just take it off and leave it somewhere buried. This planet is so beautiful and we’re all so fucking dumb. We’re ignorant, contemptuous, arrogant and uneducated about this magnificent ball we live on. We... Continue Reading →


I bite the skin around my fingernails, if it’s not smooth, it goes, I can’t help it, it’s addictive, they have to look perfect, and when I say perfect, I mean media perfect. My chipped fingers doesn’t make me any less loveable, and yet I feel like it does, skin hanging off loosely doesn’t mean... Continue Reading →

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