I’m sick of making every choice, fed up of all this change, all I ever hear is my own voice, it’s been so long it’s starting to sound strange. Lately nothing feels right, everything is blurred together, like wearing someone else’s glasses, and trying to see through this rainy weather. I just want to stay... Continue Reading →


The Day I Realised I Was Finally Happy, At Age 23

I have always had a form of depression or anxiety in my life. I can’t remember not feeling like all of this is pointless, just existing is exhausting. It’s been so dire at some points, that I’ve had to go on antidepressants and have Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in my second year at university, because... Continue Reading →

– Has It Really Come To This

I'm tired, I think. I'm not sure anymore if I'm tired or slowly giving up. And I’m confused, whether I’m okay with that, or if I want to fight it. Because the truth is, I like it, I'm used to it, I find comfort in it, comfort in the darkness. And as it consumes me,... Continue Reading →


Perhaps, as it seems I am in fact alone alone in this world alone in my room alone in my mind totally and utterly alone and you stand there with an army behind you and family roots holding you steady telling me I'm not alone when I'm trapped in the cage of my own mind... Continue Reading →


how can you explain to someone the collapse of your mind when the only breakdown they know is seeing someone cry after they’ve made their feelings as worthless as the words they spoke ~ 'Breakdown'

I Made Myself Forget

I made myself forget that I was ever bullied at school because I wanted to live my life without thinking it was ever bad I wanted to move on from the girl that was called names I wanted to forget about the girl with no friends I wanted to rise and soar as the girl... Continue Reading →


When you’re left on your own, you think it was all your fault, you can’t blame anyone else because you feel like it’d all be pointless. You feel like you need proof, to prove all of this wasn't because of you, you feel like this is a test, and you’re going to lose. You feel... Continue Reading →

Just Say You Miss Me

Just say you miss me, and we can forget all this bullshit, I just want you to say you miss me, I’m not asking for much, just to want me, like you used to. You asked me to wash your hair, and as I bent over the bathtub I felt that for once you trusted... Continue Reading →

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