Falling In Love With You

I’m falling in love with you, because you made my heart die for just one second, and I didn’t run away. ~ 'Falling In Love With You'


I Have To

I’ve always been shit at explaining myself And i can never get my feelings across And so I’d write it down Everything I wish I could say But you wouldn’t even look You wouldn’t give it the time or day And so I’d cry myself to sleep Wishing I could delete Everything I did for... Continue Reading →

Love & Sex

If I knew what love really felt like, I wouldn’t have tried to fill the void with senseless moments and futile people. I wouldn’t have let hollow monsters between my very delicate valley. Fighting for pleasure, but finding yawns. Letting people touch places I wish were untouched, or let fluids drain out of me like... Continue Reading →

Then I Found You

If you could see what I have been through, perhaps you’d love me more. Or you’d love me less, for the things I had done and now regret. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been through hell at no fault of my own, and to lay here with you makes all of it worth it. Worth every... Continue Reading →

To An Island

When I think back to what we were, all those years ago when I use to sneak into your room, there was this feeling inside of me, that crept up when you were around, and sank back down when I’d leave. Now that feeling’s dead and gone, like a ripple it faded away, into an... Continue Reading →

To The Dark

Some feelings never leave, they’re stuck between the cracks of that frail heart of yours that he so easily snapped. then he took the broken pieces and he fed them to the night, so you could never love somebody new, only feel the loneliness of starlight. You use to be warm and gracious, an angel... Continue Reading →

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