I Made Myself Forget

I made myself forget

that I was ever bullied at school

because I wanted to live my life

without thinking it was ever bad

I wanted to move on

from the girl that was called names

I wanted to forget

about the girl with no friends

I wanted to rise and soar

as the girl who made it

I wanted to be happy

with the woman I became.


Then I remembered

the names and lonely lunches, and

the tears that helped me sleep

the jokes, the looks, and

the friends that never stayed

you always remember

you never forget.


You are still that girl and she drags you down when you try to soar

she drowns you in your own pathetic memories

as if you existence is as worthless as those bullies saw it to be.


You will always remember.

And you will never forget.

~ ‘I Made Myself Forget’


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