The Magician And The Chair

Her heart stuttered as he took the blade

and with a smirk he pointed it towards her

slamming it down beside her hands, she screamed

as he drew the blade raising it again.


When he hurled down, flowers caressed her fingers

and her scream was cut short,

the blade had disappeared,

along with the magician.


She felt a stab, in the back of her neck,

but the magician reappeared in front of her,

with a blade,

and a hat.


Choose right, he boomed,

and I’ll set you free,

choose wrong, my love,

and you will see.


The stab suddenly went, and she turned to see nothing,

but with her legs tied to the chair she was stuck,

she turned back to see her mother,

with a noose around her neck.


Choose the night, she boomed,

and I’ll grant you three,

choose wrong, my dear,

and you’ll be in misery.


She took the hat and put it on,

positioning it just right,

taking the blade, she rose it up,

ready to strike her chest.


I choose the light, she boomed,

and I know you’ll disagree,

you chose wrong, my pet,

so it’ll be you who will flee.


~ ‘The Magician And The Chair’


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