I’m Going To Lose My Head

I’m going to lose my head if the world keeps up like this.

One day I’m going to say ‘nope’ and just take it off and leave it somewhere buried.

This planet is so beautiful and we’re all so fucking dumb.

We’re ignorant, contemptuous, arrogant and uneducated about this magnificent ball we live on.

We are so lucky to actually be alive. And I don’t mean as a person, I mean as a living thing. We haven’t found anywhere else where life exists. To our knowledge we’re alone in this very vast and undiscovered universe and all we do as a species is kill and conquer one another.

We are disgusting.

I hate us.

We are capable of so much more than bloodshed and snobbery.

We could explore other galaxies and burrow into the depths of our own world.

And yet we sit there on sore arse’s with brusied ego’s wirting 140 characters of bullshit because someone said something you didn’t like.

God I hate this world so much.

~ ‘I’m Going To Lose My Head’


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