Then I Found You

If you could see what I have been through, perhaps you’d love me more. Or you’d love me less, for the things I had done and now regret. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been through hell at no fault of my own, and to lay here with you makes all of it worth it. Worth every embarrassing moment that shred my confidence, every awkward encounter that shattered my self-respect, every heart lost and every heartache gained, I made it. Then I found you. Out of all the thorned pathways I’ve crossed and have yet to come, your thorns grew roses, and the more blood I drew, the more you opened me up, the more roses grew, until I was bled dry so my heart would never hurt again. And with that blood we built such a beautiful forest, a forest that needs no heart so we could keep ours instead of giving them away. Our forest, our home.

~ ‘Then I Found You’


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