I Wish

I wish you’d hold me tight when I cry,

I wish you’d kiss me every time you say goodbye.

I hope to think you really care,

but sometimes it feels you don’t notice I’m there.

I wish I could see into your mind,

see if you love me, see if you’re mine.

I want to know how much I mean to you,

your top priority or gum on your shoe.

I know you’re hurt, I know you’ve felt pain,

but I want to be the sunshine after all the rain.

If you wanted me to, I’d say it every day,

that I’m in love and I’m here to stay.

If you want distance, that’s what I’ll do,

but please know that I’d rather be with you.

I’ll let you in and give you my heart,

if you promise me, you won’t tear it apart.

~ ‘I Wish’


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