I bite the skin around my fingernails,

if it’s not smooth,

it goes,

I can’t help it, it’s addictive,

they have to look perfect,

and when I say perfect,

I mean media perfect.

My chipped fingers doesn’t make me any less loveable,

and yet I feel like it does,

skin hanging off loosely doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful,

but I feel like I’m not.

It’s skin, just skin.

They say beauty is skin deep,

but they portray beauty with pretty skin,

and the more I pick I subconsciously think,

am I pretty now?

But I was pretty before I ripped skin off and bled,

I would be pretty if I didn’t even have fingers,

and why does it matter anyway,

being pretty doesn’t and shouldn’t matter,

being me matters,

with all my chipped skin and fingernails.

~ ‘Fingernails’


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