Feeling Nothing


I dunno, I guess, I guess I thought it’d be easier, that I’d be sad you know, that I’d just be little down, instead of this emptiness that floats around me, where even the sun seems dark and miserable, and if everything was to die and burn, I’d walk by without a blink, feeling nothing, and I wish I could feel a slight emotion, even just to smile at a laughing child, but I just wish instead to be in my dark room, feeling nothing, being nothing, thinking about nothing, trying to suppress the dying thoughts with prescribed drugs, trying to get through this, and someone that I trusted, whilst I was naked in his bed said ‘stop being depressed’, and you know if it were that easy, I would enjoy having sex with you, but all I feel is lonely, and laying there bored while you try to get it up is the only humour I get nowadays. But even then, using you just isn’t fun anymore.

~ ‘Feeling Nothing’

Feature image created by my good friend Matthew E. Chapman (click for Instagram)

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