Oh, I can’t imagine anything more beautiful, than that subtle smile as you tower over me,

you gracefully run your palm up my thigh as my fingertips sweep through you hair,

even though I’m staring at your pale face, colours stain it like a canvas,

and the feeling of death circles over and over in my consciousness,

but it’s okay, in fact it’s so exquisite

I’m falling in love with you all over again as our lips caress in a merge of passion and ecstasy.

You slowly trace my freckles with kisses as I capitulate myself in this utopia you’ve gifted me,

a fantasy of illusions in our own little wonderlands, our own Eden’s yearning for our silhouettes

to join as one in an Arcadia we wish was real to touch, but feels real enough to love.

A fabrication of a Deity within a kaleidoscope intensifying the thirst for our infatuation,

you’ve poisoned my heart with fluorescent art, an erotic climax of paradise,

and you’ve spoiled my soul with figments of euphoria heightened by your desire.

I can sense every detail of you, and this venom inside of me makes the craving insufferable,

under the sheets becomes a different dimension of peculiar shapes and patterns,

yet still we embrace as you peck my neck and we forget the foul taste inside our mouths.

Unaware of the Van Gogh painting we’re within swirling around the lights in a hot and sweaty room,

this distorted memory will soon fade from my grasp, leaving behind a gap of smudged colour,

this perfection will then become a dream, so I clutch on firm, afraid you’ll disappear with the light.


I wish I could feel like this forever cradled in your arms, but come dawn it’ll end,

like everything does.

~ “Aurora”


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